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Wellstone Benefits Advisors offers a different and better way to bring health benefits to your business.

Wellstone Benefits Advisors was established to provide new, creative and alternative plan design benefits options that dramatically reduce plan costs without reducing (and in some cases, actually increasing) associated benefits. Tom saw a great need for these options to more closely reflect the complex and changing health benefits landscape.

In this ever-evolving landscape, Wellstone Benefits Advisors believes well-operating companies should begin to look at company-funded employee health insurance in another way … by focusing on financing benefits rather than buying insurance.

Now more than ever, businesses like yours need customized solutions that affect positive change for total employee benefits plan design and administration. Innovative approaches – not “cookie cutter” plans – that reflect and embrace the very essence of your operational vitality, and that of your employees and their families – so that your business can become a better place to work, a better place to thrive, and a better place to be and stay well.

Because there is no such thing as a “one size fits all” solution, Wellstone Benefits Advisors takes the time to understand your unique needs. After a thorough evaluation of all current products and services, and strategic planning meetings with management staff to develop goals and objectives, Wellstone provides specific recommendations targeted to your business with an emphasis on tax-saving strategies.

Wellstone also understands the ultimate success of any benefits program will be in direct proportion to the understanding that employees have of the plan. That’s why initial group meetings, and then one-on-one consultations are an integral part of the process, and are provided with all plan changes and to all new hires.

Give Wellstone Benefits Advisors 30 minutes and see how new and innovative approaches will save time, hassle and money every time. Call Tom O’Connor at 913.438.3433 to schedule a personal appointment, or complete the Contact Us form.

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