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  • Are your employees getting the most out of your current benefits plan?
  • Do you have a benefits plan that fits your companies culture and life style needs of your employees and their families?
  • Has your current advisor/broker developed tax advantaged strategies to help you control your benefits costs?
  • Does your current benefits plan reward those employees who take care of their health in a responsible manner?
  • Through a four part process, Wellstone Benefits Advisors will help you gain unprecedented control over the design, installation, and management of your employee benefits plan.



The first step is a comprehensive and disciplined analysis of current plans, products and services. Throughinterviews with top management and key personnel, all aspects of your current situation will be thoroughly reviewed with complete documentation on all aspects of your benefit plans.

If required, random employee interviews will also be conducted to obtain direct user feedback as it relates to current products, services, and the benefits administration process.  Meet with upper management/key employees to present current findings and review existing products, services, and procedures. Develop clearly defined goals and objectives relative to desired changes balanced with budget considerations.


Based on agreed upon goals and objectives, recommendations relative to products, services, and procedures will be developed to meet or exceed desired results.

Your Wesllstone representative will research the market place to find the right products and services that match the specific targets established by your company.

This design will take into consideration the culture of the company and demographics of the employee base with an emphasis on budget considerations.

Wellstone Benefit Advisors then negotiates on your behalf with selected vendors to obtain the most competitive pricing available.


Once the final plan is adopted and communicated to all parties, it is extremely important for the implementation process to begin as soon as possible.

While the changes, features and benefits of the plan are fresh in everyone’s mind, most of the questions and concerns will be eliminated. This will allow the implementation and enrollment process to proceed in a much more efficient manner.

Your Wellstone representative will work very closely with your Human Resource Department to facilitate this process and complete it on time.

Employee enrollment meetings will be held to fully explain the changes so all employees fully understand the choices they have relative to their individual and family lifestyle needs.


Web based benefit plan information will also be provided including plan coverage and carrier links to physicians and hospitals.



  • Enroll and terminate employees from all benefit plans
  • Provide one on one employee assistance
  • Human Resource forms and policies library
  • Forms and documents available to download for immediate use
  • Billing and enrollment issue resolution
  • BCOBRA Administration
  • State Continuation issues advice and assistance


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